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emptyMeet Thomus

Your job is to find the priest Thomus who is mostly in Freedoms Reach. On your way you pass through Ore Belt, a good chance to fill up your energy cells for jumping back later. You can get there by flying through these gates: E, E, N, S, E, S, S.

In the sector, fly straight and dock with the Teladi Trading Station. There you get to talk to Lihimes Eluleis Gebndius III. You have to win the race to get the location of Thomus. Fly with the ship you are getting to the starting position, fly slowly at it, so you can instanly find the right spot you have to fly to when the race starts.

As the race begins you will see the next spot you have to fly to will always be marked. Push your speed to the max (you have no boost extension, so you have to do it manually) then concentrate on flying. Don't bump into anything or you are dead.

Winning the race is easy if you follow a few tricks. Aim straight at the next spot, then you will see the cross wandering off into a direction, let's say left. Now aim a bit to the left of the cross and use the strafe drive to go into the same direction. Don't aim too far off so you still can hit the target. It's not needed to hit it perfectly, just be close (within about 500m), you will know you've hit it when you get the next marked. If you miss one, pull thrusters to a halt, aim and fly on. At the end of the race just hit the last marker in the starting ring and wait, since it will not be over in the next second.

You should win pretty easy. If you don't win the first time, the Teladi will call you back in a few minutes to race again.

The Teladi tells you to find Thomus in the east nebula of Ore Belt. If you have bought energy cells, you can jump there, otherwise follow these gates back: N, N, W, N, W, S, W.

Near the eastgate you will find a ship called "Solitas" on your sector map. Get close to it (about 5km) and you get the information you need. Now go to Argon Prime (N, N) and get within comm range of Argon One and talk to Ban Danna.