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emptyParanid Crystal (2/3)

If you followed the above instructions, you should be in Argon Prime. Go to Emperor Mines through these Gates: S, S, W, S.

In the sector find the Tempestine ship and comm the pilot, Miria. She tells you that near the east gate you should find a border Patrol that might help you. Fly toward the east gate and get within 2 km of it. You get a message telling you that you can't pass, and Miria knows someone on the Paranid Trading Dock. Go over there and dock with the station.

Once docked, you meet Nolmancketnun. He wants 30'000 credits to deliver a message. Pay him, since there is no other way. Once you've paid him, he will fly off to deliver your message. You should use the time you have now to make some money.

Once the message arrives, you will have to have 200'000 credits, and then you have to meet the seller in Elena's Fortune. After his little comm, meet the Paranid next to the Trading Station (Ship Age of Oedipus). Get in comm range and talk to him. After a short talk, Khaak appear and want to waste you and him. Of course, he takes off while you have to defeat all the Khaak ships. Once done, our new friend has a tragic accident, and in a little movie you snatch the crystal away. Two down, one to go, Xenon Sector 101.