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emptyJohn | jdb_bad@rogers.com

23.05.2009, 02:06

I see you've done some great updates since I last played. After a year and a half of EVE, I dusted off the X3 CD for a change. Forgot why I loved X3 so much. Now I'm playing it almost every night again. Lovin it. JDFury


24.03.2009, 03:16

Thanks!!! I find the database very useful. A job well done.
Keep it up...
-One Love-

emptyCanciller Legnar

08.02.2009, 03:05

Great job guys!!!


21.12.2008, 21:40

prfffftttttt :)


27.11.2008, 14:07

awful site - fantastic!!!

emptycobra mk2 | kitanode@googlemail.com

22.10.2008, 03:47

Hi, is there any chance you can do a database download of a list of all the space station/factories you can buy.


At the moment there is no list of stations for download available. We didn't thought that there is a need for something like this. Sure we could also prepare a datasheet for stations like the datasheet for ships (download-section). But what info should get included? Also the products, and the product-cycle-info? Actually the guestbook isn't the right place to discuss this. Please send me an E-Mail or better open a topic in our forums www.xdatabase.de/forum so that also others could bring in their ideas and wishes.


emptycobra mk2 | kitanode@googlemail.com

21.10.2008, 20:50

OMG!!!, What a brilliant f**king site.

I had actually started compiling my own personal trade prices database, even after visiting some x3 sites i still thought that i was best doing it myself as they werent in-depth enough or up to date.

However after finding this website i will immediately set fire to it and throw the pen in the bin as this answers all my problems and is most definetely the best x3 site out there.

Thanks very much to all those who made it, you have done a brilliant job, i just wish there was a way of integrating it into the game,

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