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emptyVersion 0.1.10 | 17.03.2019

emptyupdate to php7

emptyVersion 0.1.9 | 24.09.2008

emptyBrowsercompatibility improved

emptyDifferent small improvements

emptydocuments- and helpsystem improved


emptyMore information about races


emptypagestructure overworked

emptypictures from ships added

emptypictures from stations added

emptySectormap Stations clickable

emptySectormpa show Stations on map


emptyVersion 0.1.8 | 29.12.2007

emptyActualised database to bonus package 3.1.07

emptyActualised database to X3-Reunion 2.5

emptyVersion 0.1.7 | 21.05.2007

emptydatabase now in english available

emptydatabase stations improved

emptysearch ships improved

emptysearch trade improved

emptysectormap improved

emptyVersion 0.1.6 | 15.04.2007

emptyAsteroid map improved

emptyCAPTCHA-picture for guestbook

emptyformating of texts (guestbook) now available

emptynew downloads added

emptynew ship-information added

emptyscrolling windows now also for Firefox

emptySome errors corrected

emptyVersion 0.1.5 | 05.01.2007

emptyActualised database to bonus package 3.1.05

emptyActualised database to X3-Reunion 2.0.02

emptyAsteroid map available

emptyExtended FAQ-database with user entrys (BETA)

emptyGuestbook shows entrys per page

emptyIncreased browser compatibility

emptyNews shows entrys per page

emptyRevised database (new setup)

emptyVersion 0.1.4 | 15.10.2006

emptyProvider change

emptySome errors corrected

emptyVersion 0.1.3 | 25.07.2006


emptyIncreased browser compatibility

emptyoverworked some of the data

emptyVersion 0.1.2 | 25.06.2006

emptyAbbreviations now available

emptyComplex data connections now available

emptyDatabase extended by extensions

emptyDatabase extended by goods

emptyDatabase extended by races

emptyDatabase extended by stations

emptyDatabase now available

emptyDownloads now available

emptyExtended sector map by "side" screenshot

emptyFAQ now available

emptyGuestbook now available

emptyGuides now available

emptyLinks now available

emptySearch "where can I buy/sell which goods"

emptySearch for gate coordinates

emptySearch for stations

emptyWalkthrough now available

emptyVersion 0.1.1 | 04.04.2006

emptyunowned ships (sector map + sector information)

emptyVersion log now available

emptyVersion 0.1.0 | 03.04.2006

emptyAutomatic scrolling of selected sector in galaxy map

emptyBack and close button for the windows

emptyComplete impressum

emptyComplete X3-design

emptyCounter for start page

emptyFight ranks

emptyGalaxy map

emptyHidden objects (sector map + sector information)

emptyHoverfunction for buttons

emptyIcon for adress bar in browser

emptyRace ranks

emptySearch function for sectors

emptySector map with sector information

emptySpecial stations (sector map + sector information)

emptyTrade ranks