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emptyArgon Advanced Satellite Factory

emptyArgon Alpha HEPT Forge

emptyArgon Alpha IRE Forge

emptyArgon Alpha PBE Forge

emptyArgon Alpha PPC Forge

emptyArgon Ammunition Factory

emptyArgon Beta Flak Artillery Forge

emptyArgon Beta PAC Forge

emptyArgon Cahoona Bakery L

emptyArgon Cahoona Bakery M

emptyArgon Cattle Ranch L

emptyArgon Cattle Ranch M

emptyArgon Chip plant

emptyArgon Computer Plant

emptyArgon Crystal Fab M

emptyArgon Drone Factory

emptyArgon Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Antigone Memorial)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Argon Prime)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Black Hole Sun)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Cloudbase South East)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Getsu Fune)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Interworlds)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Light of Heart)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Omicron Lyrae)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Red Light)

emptyArgon Equipment Dock(Three Worlds)

emptyArgon FAA Production Complex

emptyArgon Firefly Missile Factory

emptyArgon Firestorm Torpedo Factory

emptyArgon Gamma PPC Forge

emptyArgon Heavy shield Production Complex

emptyArgon HEPT Production Complex

emptyArgon High Yield Production Complex

emptyArgon Image Recognition Production Complex

emptyArgon Lasertower Factory

emptyArgon Light shield Production Complex

emptyArgon Mass Driver Forge

emptyArgon Medium shield Production Complex

emptyArgon Mosquito Missile Factory

emptyArgon Ore Mine L

emptyArgon Ore Mine M

emptyArgon PAC Production Complex

emptyArgon Quantum Tube Fab

emptyArgon Rimes Fact L

emptyArgon Rimes Fact M

emptyArgon Satellite Factory

emptyArgon Seeker Missile Production Complex

emptyArgon Shield Prod. Facility 1 MJ

emptyArgon Shield Prod. Facility 10GJ

emptyArgon Shield Prod. Facility 125 MJ

emptyArgon Silicon Mine L

emptyArgon Silicon Mine M

emptyArgon Silkworm Missile Factory

emptyArgon Solar Power Plant L

emptyArgon Solar Power Plant M

emptyArgon Solar Power Plant XL

emptyArgon Space Fuel Distillery L

emptyArgon Space Fuel Distillery M

emptyArgon Special Weapons Production Complex

emptyArgon Swarm Missile Production Complex

emptyArgon Wasp Missile Factory

emptyArgon Weapon Component Factory

emptyArgon Wheat Farm L

emptyArgon Wheat Farm M

emptyFederal Argon Installation(Black Hole Sun)

emptyFederal Argon Shipyard(Argon Prime)

emptyFederal Argon Shipyard(Light of Heart)

emptyFederal Argon Shipyard(Omicron Lyrae)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Akeela's Beacon)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Aladna Hill)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Antigone Memorial)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Argon Prime)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Belt of Aguilar)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Black Hole Sun)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Circle Of Labour)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Cloudbase North West)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Cloudbase South East)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Cloudbase South West)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Elena's Fortune)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Herron's Nebula)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Home of Light)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Interworlds)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Light of Heart)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Midnight Star)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Montalaar)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Nathan's Voyage)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Nyana's Hideout)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Omicron Lyrae)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Ore Belt)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Power Circle)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Red Light)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Ringo Moon)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(The Hole)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(The Wall)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Three Worlds)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Treasure Chest)

emptyFree Argon Trading Station(Wastelands)

emptyTerraCorp Headquarters(Home of Light)


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emptyBoron Alpha Flak Artillery Forge

emptyBoron Alpha PAC Forge

emptyBoron Beta Flak Artillery Forge

emptyBoron Beta IRE Forge

emptyBoron Beta PBE Forge

emptyBoron Beta PPC Forge

emptyBoron Bio Gas Factory L

emptyBoron Bio Gas Factory M

emptyBoron BoFu Chemical Lab L

emptyBoron BoFu Chemical Lab M

emptyBoron Chip plant

emptyBoron Computer Plant

emptyBoron Crystal Fab M

emptyBoron Dragonfly Missile Factory

emptyBoron Drone Factory

emptyBoron Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Depths Of Silence)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Getsu Fune)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Great Reef)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Great Trench)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Kingdom End)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Lucky Planets)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Menelaus' Paradise)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Ocean of Fantasy)

emptyBoron Equipment Dock(Rolk's Fate)

emptyBoron Heavy shield Production Complex

emptyBoron High Yield Production Complex

emptyBoron Image Recognition Production Complex

emptyBoron Ion Disruptor Forge

emptyBoron IRE Production Complex

emptyBoron Light shield Production Complex

emptyBoron Medium shield Production Complex

emptyBoron Mosquito Missile Factory

emptyBoron Ore Mine L

emptyBoron Ore Mine M

emptyBoron PBE Production Complex

emptyBoron Plankton Farm L

emptyBoron Plankton Farm M

emptyBoron Quantum Tube Fab

emptyBoron Satellite Factory

emptyBoron Seeker Missile Production Complex

emptyBoron Shield Prod. Facility 125 MJ

emptyBoron Shield Prod. Facility 1GJ

emptyBoron Silicon Mine L

emptyBoron Silicon Mine M

emptyBoron Solar Power Plant L

emptyBoron Solar Power Plant M

emptyBoron Solar Power Plant XL

emptyBoron Special Weapons Production Complex

emptyBoron Stott Mixery L

emptyBoron Stott Mixery M

emptyBoron Swarm Missile Production Complex

emptyBoron Tempest Missile Factory

emptyBoron Weapon Component Factory

emptyRoyal Boron Research Station(Great Trench)

emptyRoyal Boron Shipyard(Depths Of Silence)

emptyRoyal Boron Shipyard(Great Reef)

emptyRoyal Boron Shipyard(Kingdom End)

emptyRoyal Boron Shipyard(Lucky Planets)

emptyRoyal Boron Shipyard(Ocean of Fantasy)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Atreus' Clouds)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Barren Shores)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Bluish Snout)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Dark Waters)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Depths Of Silence)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Getsu Fune)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Great Reef)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Great Trench)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Hila's Joy)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Kingdom End)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Light Water)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Lucky Planets)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Menelaus' Frontier)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Menelaus' Paradise)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Mists of Elysium)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Ocean of Fantasy)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Queen's Space)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Reservoir Of Tranquillity)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Rolk's Drift)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Rolk's Fate)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Rolk's Legacy)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Shining Currents)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Shore of Infinity)


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emptyNeutral Race

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emptyParanid Advanced Satellite Factory

emptyParanid Alpha PAC Forge

emptyParanid Alpha PSG Forge

emptyParanid Aurora Missile Factory

emptyParanid Beta HEPT Forge

emptyParanid Beta PAC Forge

emptyParanid Beta PPC Forge

emptyParanid Beta PSG Forge

emptyParanid Chip plant

emptyParanid Communications Facility(Priest's Pity)

emptyParanid Computer Plant

emptyParanid Crystal Fab M

emptyParanid Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Cardinal's Domain)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Emperor's Ridge)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Getsu Fune)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Paranid Prime)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Preacher's Void)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Spring Of Belief)

emptyParanid Equipment Dock(Trinity Sanctum)

emptyParanid FAA Production Complex

emptyParanid Gamma PSG Forge

emptyParanid Heavy shield Production Complex

emptyParanid HEPT Production Complex

emptyParanid High Yield Production Complex

emptyParanid Hornet Missile Factory

emptyParanid Hurricane Missile Factory

emptyParanid Image Recognition Production Complex

emptyParanid Lasertower Factory

emptyParanid Light shield Production Complex

emptyParanid Medium shield Production Complex

emptyParanid Mobile Drilling System Factory

emptyParanid Ore Mine L

emptyParanid Ore Mine M

emptyParanid Paranid Crystal Splitter Fab

emptyParanid Paranid Nividium Processing Plant

emptyParanid Paranid Nividium Processing Plant - destroyed

emptyParanid Pleasure Complex

emptyParanid PPC Production Complex

emptyParanid PSG Production Complex

emptyParanid Quantum Tube Fab

emptyParanid Seeker Missile Production Complex

emptyParanid Shield Prod. Facility 10GJ

emptyParanid Shield Prod. Facility 25 MJ

emptyParanid Shield Prod. Facility 5 MJ

emptyParanid Shipyard(Cardinal's Domain)

emptyParanid Shipyard(Paranid Prime)

emptyParanid Shipyard(Trinity Sanctum)

emptyParanid Silicon Mine L

emptyParanid Silicon Mine M

emptyParanid Snail Ranch L

emptyParanid Snail Ranch M

emptyParanid Solar Power Plant L

emptyParanid Solar Power Plant M

emptyParanid Solar Power Plant XL

emptyParanid Soyery L

emptyParanid Soyery M

emptyParanid Soyfarm L

emptyParanid Soyfarm M

emptyParanid Space Jewellery L

emptyParanid Space Jewellery M

emptyParanid SQUASH Mine Factory

emptyParanid Swarm Missile Production Complex

emptyParanid Tractor Beam Factory

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Cardinal's Domain)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Consecrated Fire)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Duke's Domain)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Duke's Vision)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Emperor Mines)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Emperor's Ridge)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Emperor's Wisdom)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Empire's Edge)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Friar's Retreat)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Paranid Prime)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Pontifex' Realm)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Pontifex' Seclusion)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Preacher's Refuge)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Preacher's Void)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Priest Refuge)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Priest Rings)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Priest's Pity)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Sacred Relic)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Spring Of Belief)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Trinity Sanctum)

emptyParanid Trading Dock(Unholy Descent)

emptyParanid Wasp Missile Factory

emptyParanid Weapon Component Factory


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emptySplit Advanced Satellite Factory

emptySplit Alpha Flak Artillery Forge

emptySplit Ammunition Factory

emptySplit Beta HEPT Forge

emptySplit Beta IRE Forge

emptySplit Beta PBE Forge

emptySplit Chelt Space Aquarium L

emptySplit Chelt Space Aquarium M

emptySplit Chip plant

emptySplit Computer Plant

emptySplit Crystal Fab M

emptySplit Dragonfly Missile Factory

emptySplit Drone Factory

emptySplit Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Cho's Defeat)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Family Njy)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Family Pride)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Family Rhy)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Family Tkr)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Family Whi)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Getsu Fune)

emptySplit Equipment Dock(Thuruk's Beard)

emptySplit Gamma PPC Forge

emptySplit Heavy shield Production Complex

emptySplit High Yield Production Complex

emptySplit Image Recognition Production Complex

emptySplit Ion Disruptor Forge

emptySplit IRE Production Complex

emptySplit Lasertower Factory

emptySplit Light shield Production Complex

emptySplit Mass Driver Forge

emptySplit Massom Mill L

emptySplit Massom Mill M

emptySplit Medium shield Production Complex

emptySplit Ore Mine L

emptySplit Ore Mine M

emptySplit PBE Production Complex

emptySplit Quantum Tube Fab

emptySplit Rastar Refinery L

emptySplit Rastar Refinery M

emptySplit Satellite Factory

emptySplit Scruffin Farm L

emptySplit Scruffin Farm M

emptySplit Seeker Missile Production Complex

emptySplit Shield Prod. Facility 1GJ

emptySplit Shield Prod. Facility 25 MJ

emptySplit Shipyard(Cho's Defeat)

emptySplit Shipyard(Family Njy)

emptySplit Shipyard(Family Pride)

emptySplit Shipyard(Family Rhy)

emptySplit Shipyard(Family Tkr)

emptySplit Silicon Mine L

emptySplit Silicon Mine M

emptySplit Silkworm Missile Factory

emptySplit Solar Power Plant L

emptySplit Solar Power Plant M

emptySplit Solar Power Plant XL

emptySplit Spacefly Farm

emptySplit Special Weapons Production Complex

emptySplit SQUASH Mine Factory

emptySplit Swarm Missile Production Complex

emptySplit Thunderbolt Missile Factory

emptySplit Tractor Beam Factory

emptySplit Trading Port(Cho's Defeat)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Njy)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Pride)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Rhonkar)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Rhy)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Ryk)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Tkr)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Whi)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Z'rt)

emptySplit Trading Port(Family Zein)

emptySplit Trading Port(Ghinn's Escape)

emptySplit Trading Port(Njy's Deception)

emptySplit Trading Port(Patriarch's Keep)

emptySplit Trading Port(Patriarch's Retreat)

emptySplit Trading Port(Rhonkar's Clouds)

emptySplit Trading Port(Rhonkar's Fire)

emptySplit Trading Port(Rhy's Crusade)

emptySplit Trading Port(Rhy's Desire)

emptySplit Trading Port(Tharka's Sun)

emptySplit Trading Port(Thuruk's Beard)

emptySplit Trading Port(Thuruk's Pride)

emptySplit Trading Port(Thyn's Abyss)

emptySplit Trading Port(Tkr's Deprivation)

emptySplit Trading Port(Z'rt's Dominion)

emptySplit Wasp Missile Factory

emptySplit Weapon Component Factory


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emptyTeladi Alpha HEPT Forge

emptyTeladi Alpha IRE Forge

emptyTeladi Alpha PBE Forge

emptyTeladi Alpha PPC Forge

emptyTeladi Alpha PSG Forge

emptyTeladi Beta PSG Forge

emptyTeladi Bliss Place L

emptyTeladi Bliss Place M

emptyTeladi Chip plant

emptyTeladi Computer Plant

emptyTeladi Crystal Fab M

emptyTeladi Dream farm L

emptyTeladi Dream farm M

emptyTeladi Drone Factory

emptyTeladi Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

emptyTeladi Flower Farm L

emptyTeladi Flower Farm M

emptyTeladi Heavy shield Production Complex

emptyTeladi High Yield Production Complex

emptyTeladi Image Recognition Production Complex

emptyTeladi Light shield Production Complex

emptyTeladi Medium shield Production Complex

emptyTeladi Mobile Drilling System Factory

emptyTeladi Mosquito Missile Factory

emptyTeladi Ore Mine L

emptyTeladi Ore Mine M

emptyTeladi PAC Production Complex

emptyTeladi PPC Production Complex

emptyTeladi PSG Production Complex

emptyTeladi Quantum Tube Fab

emptyTeladi Satellite Factory

emptyTeladi Seeker Missile Production Complex

emptyTeladi Shield Prod. Facility 1 MJ

emptyTeladi Shield Prod. Facility 5 MJ

emptyTeladi Shipyard(Grand Exchange)

emptyTeladi Shipyard(Ianamus Zura)

emptyTeladi Shipyard(Ministry Of Finance)

emptyTeladi Shipyard(PTNI Headquarters)

emptyTeladi Shipyard(Seizewell)

emptyTeladi Silicon Mine L

emptyTeladi Silicon Mine M

emptyTeladi Silkworm Missile Factory

emptyTeladi Solar Power Plant L

emptyTeladi Solar Power Plant M

emptyTeladi Solar Power Plant XL

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Ceo's Buckzoid)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Company Pride)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Getsu Fune)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Home Of Opportunity)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Ianamus Zura)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Ministry Of Finance)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(PTNI Headquarters)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Seizewell)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(The Vault)

emptyTeladi Space Equipment Dock(Two Grand)

emptyTeladi SQUASH Mine Factory

emptyTeladi Sun oil refinery L

emptyTeladi Sun oil refinery M

emptyTeladi Swarm Missile Production Complex

emptyTeladi Teladianium foundry L

emptyTeladi Teladianium foundry M

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Akeela's Beacon)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Bad Debt)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Blue Profit)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Ceo's Buckzoid)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Ceo's Doubt)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Ceo's Sprite)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Company Pride)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Eighteen Billion)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Freedom's Reach)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Grand Exchange)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Greater Profit)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Home Of Opportunity)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Ianamus Zura)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Merchant Haven)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Mines Of Fortune)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Ministry Of Finance)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(New Income)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Profit Center Alpha)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Profit Share)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(PTNI Headquarters)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Scale Plate Green)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Seizewell)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Shareholder's Fortune)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Spaceweed Drift)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Teladi Gain)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(The Vault)

emptyTeladi Trading Station(Two Grand)

emptyTeladi Typhoon Missile Factory

emptyTeladi Weapon Component Factory


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