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 Overview | Station - Royal Boron Trading Station(Getsu Fune)

emptyRoyal Boron Trading Station(Getsu Fune)

emptyGeneral Information:




emtpy30.000.000 MJ

emptyhull strength



emtpy30.514.228 Cr

emptyneeded rank to buy


emptyneeded container-type


emptyneeded container-volume

emtpy14.000 units

The Space Stations of the Boron are not comfortable due to heavy ammonia content of their atmosphere. Despite that many different races frequently use them as the Boron are not only members of the Foundation Guild but also benefit from established trade agreements with Teladi and Paranid. Each space station is governed by an Imperial Captain selected by the Boron government and whose position is verified by the Boron Royal Family.


emptyGood (max)

emtpyBoFu (416)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyBoGas (138)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyComputer Components (208)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyCrystals (166)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyFighter Drone (68)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyLasertower (2)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyMicrochips (20)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyNavigation Relay Satellite (40)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyNostrop Oil (1.666)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyQuantum Tubes (82)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyRastar Oil (250)

emptyGood (max)

emtpySoja Husk (332)

emptyGood (max)

emtpySpace weed (40)

emptyGood (max)

emtpySQUASH Mine (26)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyStott Spices (1.666)

emptyGood (max)

emtpySunrise Flowers (2.500)

emptyGood (max)

emtpyWarheads (1.250)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyArgon law enforcement license (36)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyBoron law enforcement license (36)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyCargo bay extension (5.000)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyCargo Lifesupport System (100)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyEngine Tuning (2.000)

emptyWare (max)

emtpyRudder Optimisation (3.332)

emptyWare (max)

emtpySingularity Engine Time Accelerator (1.110)

emptyPrimary Ressources:

emptyno data found

emptySecondary Ressources:

emptyno data found

emptyInformation about products-cycle:

emptyneeded resources/cycle



Station - Royal Boron Trading Station:

X3 Reunion Station Royal Boron Trading Station

List of sectors with stations of the type Royal Boron Trading Station:

emptyAtreus' Clouds

emptyBarren Shores

emptyBluish Snout

emptyDark Waters

emptyDepths Of Silence

emptyGetsu Fune

emptyGreat Reef

emptyGreat Trench

emptyHila's Joy

emptyKingdom End

emptyLight Water

emptyLucky Planets

emptyMenelaus' Frontier

emptyMenelaus' Paradise

emptyMists of Elysium

emptyOcean of Fantasy

emptyQueen's Space

emptyReservoir Of Tranquillity

emptyRolk's Drift

emptyRolk's Fate

emptyRolk's Legacy

emptyShining Currents

emptyShore of Infinity

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