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emptySunrise Flowers

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emtpy1 unit

emptyPrimary price (min)

emtpy5 Cr

emptyPrimary price (max)

emtpy35 Cr

emptySecondary price (min)

emtpy18 Cr

emptySecondary price (max)

emtpy22 Cr

emptyPrice (average)

emtpy20 Cr

"Teladi sunrise flowers are large plants with blue leaves and stems and large white flowers that originally grew in the vast open swamplands found on the Teladi home planet. Sunrise Flowers are grown on Flower Farms nowadays because of the superior light and gravity conditions in space. These flowers provide the Teladi with a number of different resources. The stems and leaves are used as vegetable matter and provide the Teladi with their basic foodstuff. The flower heads of these plants are gathered and pressed to produce a crude oil, which is used for cooking and for heating purposes."


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