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emptyFind the Girl

You have to go to "Thurok's Pride". You can reach your destination from "Cloudbase Southwest" through these gates: N, N, N, N, N, E, E, E, E, E, E, (Family Whi) S, S.

Watch the chat with Saya Kho, then dock with the Split Trading Port. Read the BBS and you see they are looking for pilots at the silicon mine. Undock, fly to the mine so it's in comm range, and then talk to the Ore Mine Manager. When you get close, Saya talks to you again, and she also has some things to say during your conversation. Your path now leads you to "Teladi Gain".

Jump or get there by using these gates: N, N, W

Fly a bit toward the "Pleasure Complex" and park your ride at least 5 km away from it. Then sit back and wait. Saya is flying around a bit, and then gets captured. Still, wait and let them fly her back to the complex. Once she's in the complex, SQUASH mines appear. Take them out, either with precise shots or safer, with missiles (mosquito do well). Once you take out enough, three pirates will attack. Kill them, and the game will drop you off in your space suit (after a short sequence).

Fly straight and up to your right. Follow the corridor and turn left toward the marker. When you are in the vicinity (don't worry about slowing down) you get into the ship. In the left back part of the docking bay is a hole you can fly through (note the nice arrows pointing to it on its side). Fly in, and shoot down the black ball thing on the left wall. When it shoots explosions, check down the corridor, the blue shield should be gone. Then shoot down the red things above the entrance, because they will shoot at you.

Fly through the opening and upwards. Turn left at the first section and beware of the automatic laser defenses on the floor. On the next intersection take the right path that leads downwards. Follow this corridor past the long one with the laser defense at the end of it. Follow the corridor again until you reach a crossroad. Fly straight, then left (technically you can't go any other way, as the others are dead ends). Then left again on the next section and fly into that hall. You see the same ball you saw before at the entrance. Shoot it until it starts exploding.

Now fly fast and precise, we need to get to a door that was previously protected by a forcefield. Use this as help when you get to intersections: right, right, straight, left, left, (here you came from the left side before) right and follow down into the hall with the hatches. Shoot at every single hatch you see there until it breaks. All hatches have to be broken before you can continue.

Fly through this hall now, not the way you came in (!) and you will come to an intersection with blue and green arrows. Red arrows are there too, that's where you came from.

Take the corridor with the blue arrow to your left. Fly through the corridor, take a sharp left at what looks like a crossroad (it goes down, the other ways are dead ends) and take the right tunnel at the next intersection. You see two laser towers in the ceiling, which tells you you're going the right way. A bit down the corridor another two laser towers will appear in the ceiling. You fly through a blue ring then take the next tunnel to your right. You get to the next escape pods and two laser towers will shoot at you again (right wall). Take them out, then shoot open all the hatches again. After a short sequence, you are out and on your own again.

You should ensure your ship is in good repair, then make your way to "Farnham's Legend". That's the following gates: W, W, S, S, S.

Fly up to the station "The Marauder" get in the 5 km comm range, and request to talk to someone on board. Talk to "Don Marani" and you are done here.

Now you can fly around a bit and then you will get a message that Miria Marani is ready. Go to the Maurader in Farnham's Legend and talk to her on board the Marauder station.