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emptyFind the Crystal

When they are done with you, you get dropped off in your ship in Antigone Memorial, right next to a solar power plant (SPP). Dock with it and buy as many Enery Cells as you can carry. When you undock you should still see "Nikonofune" in your sector map; that's Saya's ship. Follow it, and it will lead you to the south gate. from Antigone Memorial to Farnham's Legend you have to take these gates: S, E, S. You might have trouble finding the gates in "The Hole". They are very much to the south, east and south gate are close to each other. To make it easy for you, here is the exact location of the eastgate: 26.9/18.2/-38.2

Once you enter the system, Saya tells you they are docked to the west. That long station called "The Maurauder" is where you want to look for him. Get close to the station and the don makes a run for it. Igonre the big ship and the station, just go for the fighters until Saya tells you to engage your jumpdrive "shift+j". Once its activated, select the sector below, it's the only one you can jump to, and when it says it's charging, hit the SETA button so it jumps faster.

Now the strategy has changed, ignore the fighters and go for the talon right away. Hit it so its shields drop. You won't make it in the first run. Listen carefully to Saya, as the Talon jumps away again before you can complete it, then jump the instant she tells you. Jump after him again and repeat your performance until he gives up. Don't bother with the fighters at all until the Talon has jumped away. Once done, Saya picks up the crystal and you are left off somewhere in the universe. Mostly it's close to space you already know.

The easiest way is to press enter, select ship, select orders, select navigation and then select Dock At. Select Cloudbase Southwest and then the Goner Temple. Since you have been there already, the ship will fly on its own to there. Just engage SETA after jumps and wait until you make it there.