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Once in Grand Exchange you will need to dock at one of the power plants. You will know if it’s the correct one as you will get a message instantly asking you for help in the exchange of knowledge again. You will need to protect one of his ships by escorting from the west gate to his power plant. After a minute or so a ship should appear from the jump gate with a couple of pirate ships. Try and destroy the pirate ships before the ship gets destroyed. If you don’t make it in time, one more ship will be sent for you to protect.

Once you have protected the ship, it will land at the power plant and you’re be sent another message. This message tells you the M7 ship can be found if you fly to Maelstrom, then though the west gate (-181.6km, 0km, 0km) into the “1st” Unknown sector, then though a south gate to a second unknown sector.