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emptyAP Gunner Revisited

Make your way to Nyana's Hideout. A jumpdrive would come in handy, but if you want to save money, or simply can't use a jumpdrive, follow these gates from Emperor Mines: N, E, E, N, E, S, E, S, E, E, E, (Aladna Hill) S, S, S, S, E, E, N, E, N, (Eighteen Billion). You have to go east here, a shortcut through a Xenon Sector, so full thrusters ahead, and then to the north gate inside, (Scale Plate Green) E.

Inside the Sector, go to the Asteroids to your left, about 4 of them. Get close, and you will find a ship nearby. It has a special name and you will spot it instantly. Get close to it (about 3 km) and a sequence will start. Now this gets a bit tricky. First push the boost button, so you get away (some Khaak are on your trail) and hit the throttle to full speed. Run through the tunnel as fast as possible, use your strafe drive to get around corners and avoid obstacles. There is only one way to go, so don't let the tunnel fool you into thinking there are multiple ways. If you get cought up or are too slow, the Khaak blow you to pieces.

Once you made it through the game lets you off outside with a swarm of Khaak to deal with. Kill the fighters first--those are the dangerous ships--then take down the scouts. With this over, it's time to go back to Argon Prime. Jump or use these Directions: W, S (Xenon Sector 347) W, S, W, S, W, W, N, N, N, (Aladna Hill) W, W, W, N, W, N, W, W, W, N.

Get close to the Argon One and comm to Ban Danna. He wants you to wait for them to be ready. So do your thing and wait for the message from Ban Danna, then get close to the Argon One and comm him again.