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emptyBala Gi

emptyThe second unknown sector

If you head south east from the jump gate you should hopefully find the M7 ship with a couple of ships, all damaged a lot - apart from the M7.

You will then be told that you require a M6 ship with a tractor beam to tow the M7 ship back to shipyard in Grand Exchange. There is a Nemesis(M6) around the M7 which you can capture and use, however it needs major repairs, shields and a tractor beam. I personally wouldn’t repair the M6 100% (if you use that Nemesis) as later it gets fully repaired for free! You however will need some shields, engine upgrades etc. There is also a free Nova in the sector which you may want to capture for 'extra' support.

Once you have an M6 with a tractor beam fitted you will need to get within 1.6km range and fire the tractor beamtractor beam at it, if the tractor beam locks onto the M7 you will see a green laser (this green laser isn’t damaging the ship). Immediately after the tractor beam is locked on the M7, 3 pirate ships will be place near it and will start to attack you. You will need to kill these guys and carry on towing the ship into the north. The ship will reappear in the '1st' unknown sector once you move a little away from the gate. The tractor beam should relock on to the M7 and you should keep towing the M7 back. Once in the '1st' unknown sector travel back though the east gate to Maelstrom towing the M7.