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emptyAlpha Phased Shockwave Generator

emptyhull damage


emptyshield damage


emptyrate of fire per minute



emtpy0,72 km


emtpy334 m/s


emtpy2,20 s

emptyrotationspeed in turret


emptyneeded energy

emtpy15 MJ/s

emptyneeded rank to buy


emptyneeded container-type


emptyneeded container-volume

emtpy1 units

emptyPrice (min)

emtpy79.469 Cr

emptyPrice (average)

emtpy93.492 Cr

emptyPrice (max)

emtpy107.515 Cr

"This weapon was developed in conjunction between the Teladi and Paranid. It works by sending out a phased package, which reacts and expands, creating a shockwave of phased energy. This weapon has many uses, many of which can be quite useful, one is missile defence."

emptyShips which can use this weapon:

emptyArgon Centaur

emptyArgon Express

emptyArgon Express Hauler

emptyArgon Mammoth

emptyArgon Mercury

emptyArgon Mercury Hauler

emptyArgon Mercury Super Freighter

emptyArgon Mercury Super Freighter 2

emptyArgon Mercury Tanker

emptyArgon Mercury Tanker 2

emptyBoron Hydra

emptyParanid Demeter

emptyParanid Demeter Hauler

emptyParanid Demeter Miner

emptyParanid Demeter Tanker

emptyParanid Hercules

emptyParanid Hermes

emptyParanid Hermes Hauler

emptyParanid Hyperion

emptyParanid Medusa

emptyParanid Nemesis

emptyParanid Nemesis Raider

emptyParanid Nemesis Sentinel

emptyParanid Nemesis Vanguard

emptyParanid Odysseus

emptyParanid Pericles

emptyParanid Pericles Raider

emptyParanid Pericles Sentinel

emptyParanid Pericles Vanguard

emptyParanid Perseus

emptyParanid Perseus Raider

emptyParanid Perseus Sentinel

emptyParanid Perseus Vanguard

emptyParanid Zeus

emptyPirate Buster

emptyPirate Buzzard Vanguard

emptyPirate Falcon

emptyPirate Falcon Vanguard

emptyPirate Harrier

emptyPirate Nova

emptySplit Elephant

emptySplit Python

emptySplit Raptor

emptyTeladi Albatross

emptyTeladi Condor

emptyTeladi Falcon

emptyTeladi Falcon Hauler

emptyTeladi Falcon Sentinel

emptyTeladi Falcon Vanguard

emptyTeladi Osprey

emptyTeladi Osprey Raider

emptyTeladi Osprey Sentinel

emptyTeladi Osprey Vanguard

emptyTeladi Phoenix

emptyTeladi Toucan

emptyTeladi Toucan Hauler

emptyTeladi Vulture

emptyTeladi Vulture Hauler

emptyTeladi Vulture Miner

emptyTeladi Vulture Super Freighter

emptyTeladi Vulture Super Freighter 2

emptyTeladi Vulture Tanker

emptyYaki Raijin

emptyYaki Raijin Raider

emptyYaki Raijin Sentinel

emptyYaki Susanowa

emptyYaki Susanowa Hauler

emptyYaki Susanowa Raider


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