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emptyAlpha High Energy Plasma Thrower

emptyhull damage


emptyshield damage


emptyrate of fire per minute



emtpy2,31 km


emtpy345 m/s


emtpy6,70 s

emptyrotationspeed in turret


emptyneeded energy

emtpy40 MJ/s

emptyneeded rank to buy


emptyneeded container-type


emptyneeded container-volume

emtpy6 units

emptyPrice (min)

emtpy124.811 Cr

emptyPrice (average)

emtpy140.236 Cr

emptyPrice (max)

emtpy155.661 Cr

A deadly weapon found on some larger fighter craft and on some destroyers. The radiation is so dangerous that the weapon had to go through many jazuras of research and development until it could be placed on the market. This was worked around by adding a radiation sink into the weapons main design. Purging the weapon of all excess radiation between shots.

emptyShips which can use this weapon:

emptyArgon Centaur

emptyArgon Colossus

emptyArgon Eclipse

emptyArgon Mammoth

emptyArgon Nova

emptyArgon Nova Raider

emptyArgon Nova Sentinel

emptyArgon Nova Vanguard

emptyArgon Titan

emptyBoron Barracuda

emptyBoron Barracuda Raider

emptyBoron Barracuda Sentinel

emptyBoron Barracuda Vanguard

emptyBoron Hydra

emptyBoron Orca

emptyBoron Ray

emptyBoron Shark

emptyParanid Hercules

emptyParanid Hyperion

emptyParanid Medusa

emptyParanid Nemesis

emptyParanid Nemesis Raider

emptyParanid Nemesis Sentinel

emptyParanid Nemesis Vanguard

emptyParanid Odysseus

emptyParanid Perseus

emptyParanid Perseus Raider

emptyParanid Perseus Sentinel

emptyParanid Perseus Vanguard

emptyParanid Zeus

emptyPirate Buzzard

emptyPirate Falcon

emptyPirate Falcon Vanguard

emptyPirate Nova

emptyPirate Nova Raider

emptySplit Chimera

emptySplit Dragon

emptySplit Elephant

emptySplit Mamba

emptySplit Mamba Raider

emptySplit Mamba Sentinel

emptySplit Mamba Vanguard

emptySplit Python

emptySplit Raptor

emptySplit Scorpion

emptySplit Scorpion Raider

emptySplit Scorpion Sentinel

emptySplit Scorpion Vanguard

emptyTeladi Albatross

emptyTeladi Condor

emptyTeladi Falcon

emptyTeladi Falcon Hauler

emptyTeladi Falcon Sentinel

emptyTeladi Falcon Vanguard

emptyTeladi Osprey

emptyTeladi Osprey Raider

emptyTeladi Osprey Sentinel

emptyTeladi Osprey Vanguard

emptyTeladi Phoenix

emptyXenon J

emptyXenon K

emptyXenon L

emptyXenon LX

emptyXenon P


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