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X3TC 2.5 hits the ground!

15.10.2009 - Database News

Toastie wrote:

The X3: Terran Conflict 2.5 update is now available to download. As you have come to expect, this update brings new features, improvements and bugfixes. On top of that, Copy Protection has been removed!

It has now been a year since X3: Terran Conflict went gold and we hope you have enjoyed the ride so far. In 2.5 we have included several improvements to excite moguls and battle-masters alike as Complexes and Marines receive new features to aid in their management. Also, as many of you have experienced, keeping track of a huge fleet of Fighters, Freighters and Marines can be a mind boggling task. That is why we have added new filter and sorting options to the property menu, as well as a whole page dedicated to Marines.

There are many other improvements and fixes in 2.5 which are listed in the change log. Bored Universal Traders no longer stray into Xenon Sectors looking for trouble and the long standing Flak Misfire issue has been addressed by Commonwealth weapon engineers. Older savegames can also expect a nice performance boost as a memory leak has been fixed.

With the Copy Protection removed, DVD users can now play without the DVD and Online Activation users no longer need to worry about how many times they reinstall.

Terran Conflict players who bought their game from Steam are reminded that their Steam client will automatically update the game and that there is no need to download the patch from Egosoft.com.

Click here to be taken to the 2.5 update download page

Click here to go to the announcment on ES.com


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Upcoming X3: Terran Conflict 2.5 Update Information

12.09.2009 - Game News X3 Terran Conflict

Xenon_Slayer wrote:

Hi everyone,

The upcoming X3: Terran Conflict 2.5 update will be available for download in the not too distant future, but to bridge the gap we've decided to let you know what it features.

New Features and Improvements:
* Removed copy protection
* New options for marine training, including multiple skills and duration
* Several boarding aspects improved and corrected
* Rebalanced boarding Xenon ships
* Added a new menu for access to factories connected to a complex
* Production can be toggled for connected factories
* Show wing orders in the context menu for ships in a wing
* Improved Defend Station command
* Added gateless sector option to several flight commands
* Added more information to the property menu including marines
* Added option to change the sorting method for ships in the property menu
* Improved Best Buys/Best Selling Price Locator menu
* Added "Locate in Sector Map" option to context menus
* Added laser bay information to ship info menu
* Added new instructions to script editor and mission director
* Enabled mods to add news articles to the encyclopedia

* Disabled use of more than 2GB RAM again due to bugs
* Renamed Mercenary stations as Rehabilitation Facilities
* Fixed flak weapons becoming inactive after saving
* Fixed references to destroyed homebases of wings
* Fixed Jump and Fly to command for ships and wings
* Fixed wing jumpdrive energy display
* Fixed Attack Shields command
* Fixed Universal Traders flying into hostile territory
* Fixed issue when launching many marines
* Fixed missile resupply settings on boarded ships
* Fixed mission memory leak which lead to slow savegames
* Minor improvements and bugfixes

There is no solid release date yet but the update has entered the Release Candidate phase. If anyone wants to take part in the final stages of testing, sign up for DevNet access in your ForumProfile.


More information here


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Interview with Bernd Lehahn (Managing Director EGOSOFT)

03.09.2009 - X News

Below you can read an interview (GameFocus) with Bernd Lehahn (Managing Director EGOSOFT):

What started as something very trivial with two and three persons has become very popular among our friends in the gaming industry. With our "Up Close with..." interview concept, we want to show the readers that the gaming industry is filled with passionate people and that we can interview someone about something else than sales, firings, competitions and flaming subjects.

This week's "Up Close with" interview features Bernd Lehahn, Managing Director of EGOSOFT .



What was your first memory of a videogame?

Oh I would have to cheat to answer that question by sorting all my favorite arcade machines from my youth in the MAME emulator by date of creation. The result of this gives the Atari Asteroids arcade machine from 1979. The true "from top of my head" answer on the other hand, gives a mixture of home videogame systems. I didn't own any of them, but was a huge admirer of the technology. I remember being very impressed by a simple "PONG" like videogame (self soldered electric device with all game logic in hardware) and used every chance I had to get my hands on an Atari VCS 2600.

There's always something that makes you say: "this is what I want to do for the rest of my life". What made you realize that?

Not one single moment. My school newly introduced computer classes in the early 80s and it was a very easy way to get good grades. Later I wrote a little "Time Pilot" clone for the TI-99/4a and greatly enjoyed playing my little creation. So my hobby slowly grew into my school life and later into a job.

If you had to create "the ultimate game" what would it be?

Probably just the "ultimate" version of what we do already - the PERFECT space simulation game. You can go everywhere, be everybody, do everything and always have a lot of fun. Sounds simple enough to do, right? Well, we are on the job...stay tuned ;-)

You're leaving for a space trip and you have to bring only one game and one videogame character with you, it would be?

One game for all eternity? Probably something simple, like a good chess computer then. As for the character I would probably choose Lara Croft. Not a big fan of Tomb Raider, but definitely prefer Lara over the likes of Sonic or Mario ;-)

If you had one tip to give to someone who wants to start working in the industry, what would it be?

Dare to be innovative.

One silly personal factoid about you?

I just returned to playing "Donkey Kong" again after watching "The King of Kong", just to find out that I cannot even beat the scores of my childhood, not to mention those shown in the movie.

What are you playing now?

WipeOut HD, Guitar Hero World Tour...oh and Donkey Kong of course.

On which project are you working now and what can you tell us about it?

See above. The ultimate space simulation game ;-)

(Source: GameFocus)



05.07.2009 - X News

EGOSOFT has now an own Twitter-Channel. http://twitter.com/EGOSOFT


EGOSOFT - Competition

30.06.2009 - Database News

Xenon_Slayer at EGOSOFT-FORUM wrote:

Welcome to the second instalment of the X3TC Uplink competition!

As with last time, this competition will set a specific goal for you to achieve in X3TC. The winner is the person to achieve the goal in the quickest amount of time.

Round Two of the competition has the following challenge:

Gamestart: Bankrupt Assassin
Goal: Gain 5,000,000 Credits in your player account. The quickest time wins. This does not include station accounts or asset value.
Deadline: 06/07/2009 - 23:59 BST
Extra Conditions
The savegame used must have been started in 2.1.

Prize: A copy of X3: Gold Edition signed by the EGOSOFT team.

You can join in the competition fun by following the instructions below and uploading your new game's progress by using this special competition UPLINK area.

By submitting your stats to this dedicated UPLINK area you will not overwrite your normal X3TC UPLINK stats, if you have already uploaded them.

Important note: members of EGOSOFT staff will not be permitted to enter this competition and entries with the **MODIFIED** tag will not be permitted to enter (or if entered, will not be judged).

The winner and runners up of each round of this competition will be announced just a few days after the stated deadline and before the next round of the competition starts.

We wish you the best of luck in this competition. May the best UPLINK win!

(Source: Egosoft-Forums X3: Terran Conflict UPLINK Competition #2)


X3: Terran Conflict 2.1 released

10.06.2009 - Game News X3 Terran Conflict

The much anticipated 2.1 update, which features a host of new content, is now available to download from Egosoft.com.

A couple of months have passed since Terran Conflict 2.0 was released around the world and particularly for the first time in the United States. We welcome any new fans who have recently discovered the X-Universe. In keeping with Egosoft’s commitment to post-release support and enhancement of our games, we’re very happy to announce the release of the 2.1 update.

Update 2.1 features the Treasure Hunt Mission, created by a group of mission programmers from our community. The mission will have you searching for a stolen carrier, its crew and its precious and unique cargo. Also, after several years of ignoring petitions, the Commonwealth Economic Body has finally approved the creation of Large Crystal Fabs, available to all industry moguls across the universe. In military news, industry giant, Bala Gi Research, has taken a lucrative contract to improve enemy-detection algorithms in sensor systems, boosting Sector Patrol efficiency. As a result, several Spaceweed companies have taken out additional insurance policies on their freighters.

Again, the DevNet testers have been hard at work making sure that this update reaches you in the best condition possible. A big thanks to all who have helped in its development. Other features of the update include a performance boost, the functionality for the game to continue running while in windowed mode or minimised, improved tractor beam tow behaviour, additional marine information in several menus and several ships tweaked.

Terran Conflict players who bought their game from Steam are reminded that their Steam client will automatically update the game and that there is no need to download the patch from Egosoft.com.

Click here to be taken to the 2.1 update download page.

There is additional news on X3: Terran Conflict 2.1, as well as other news, in Edition 37 of the X-Universe News.

Click here to read Edition 37 of the X-Universe News.

A full changelog can be found in the forums and at www.egosoft.com


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