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emptyAdvices to FAQ-entries

With the new FAQ-Database it's possible vor everybody to register an write his own FAQ-entries. Users can search on one of our sites after this entries or they can get linked in the egosoft-forums. Therfore a special Egosoft-Forum-Link is available for every FAQ-entry.

To have an better overview there exist different FAQ-groups.


As descriped every user, who registriers, is able to make FAQ-entries. So we can't garantee for the correctnes or the "quality" of the entries. As for all content of our sites also here the Disclaimer is valid.

We know how difficult it is to make good and helpful FAQ-entreis. So we effort to check the FAQ-entries and to join doubled or similar entries. If necessary we also edit or remove unintelligible or wrong entries.

emptyThe idea

The idea of this feature is to offer a FAQ-database, which get's updated by the users themself.

emptyIMPORTANT hint

This feature only works, if everybody works conscientious and respect the rules. It would be pity if the fairly work from users get blacken by fun-entries or by deliverated wrong-entries. We appeal to your comprehension and thank your for your supporting work.


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