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STEAM Registration vor DVD-owners now possible (for 2.6 Update)

25.04.2010 - Game News X3 Terran Conflict

As Egosoft announced it is now possible for owner of the DVD-version of X3 Terran Conflict to register the game at STEAM. The Steam-Version contains in combination with the upcomming Update 2.6 (not released yet) Achievments.

Note: You do NOT have to register your game at Steam to install the 2.6 Update (which also contains other improvements). But the Achievments will only be available for Steam-Clients.

How do I register my DVD release of X3TC with Steam?

1. If you don't already have Steam:

1.1 Go to the Steam website, download the Steam Client installer, and run it.

1.2 Start Steam and follow the onscreen instructions to create a free Steam account.

2. Start Steam and login.

3. Select the "My Games" tab, and click the "Activate a product on Steam" button at the bottom of the window.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions, and enter your X3TC registration code (usually found on the back of the manual) when requested.

5. After Steam has verified the registration code it will download and install a new copy of X3TC.

Note: A full installation of X3TC is around 7Gb, so downloading may take a while! You should be able to shorten this process considerably by first copying the entire contents of your current X3TC installation (by default C:\Program Files\Egosoft\X3 Terran Conflict) to the appropriate Steam folder (by default C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\x3 terran conflict).


X3: Terran Conflict Update 2.6 - Coming Soon

30.03.2010 - Game News X3 Terran Conflict

Egosoft has just released another pre-announcement regarding their upcomming patch 2.6 for X3:TC. According to this news, the patch should be released pretty soon and contain Steam Achievments for the game. You can find out more under following links:

Egosoft.com | Forum Topic


forum locked for guests

05.03.2010 - Database News

short news: we just want to inform that we locked our forums for guests. So if you want to post in the forums you have to register first (as it is common at other forums).


Merry Christmas

31.12.2009 - Other

The X-Database-Team wishes all visitors a happy and enjoyable Christmas and relaxing holidays.

Your X-Database Team



14.12.2009 - X News

Until now this is the third "UP-Link-Competition" by Egosoft.

Xenon_Slayer wrote in the Egosoft-Forum:
In this series of competition, we will set a specific goal for you to achieve in X3: Terran Conflict. The winner is the person to achieve the goal in the quickest amount of time. Round Three of the competition has the following challenge:

Gamestart: Argon Patriot
Goal: Own an Argon Centaur. The quickest time wins.
Deadline: 1 week from start (18/12/2009 - 18:00 GMT)
Extra Conditions: The savegame used must have been started in 2.5.

Prize: A copy of Farnhams Legend, the first X novel, signed by the EGOSOFT team and a STEAM key unlocking X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict and the X3: Terran Conflict Soundtrack.

You can join in the competition fun by following the instructions below and uploading your new game's progress by using this special competition UPLINK area. By submitting your stats to this dedicated UPLINK area you will not overwrite your normal X3TC UPLINK stats, if you have already uploaded them.

Important note: members of EGOSOFT staff will not be permitted to enter this competition and entries with the **MODIFIED** tag will not be permitted to enter. If entered, they will not be judged.

The winner and runners up of each round of this competition will be announced a few days after the stated deadline.


X-Universe News 38

24.10.2009 - Database News

Have a look at the latest X-Universe-News (Egosoft Newsletter):

* X3TC 2.5 Update
* X3: Gold for US and UK
* X3:TC 2.0 Now on Mac OS
* X-Superbox
* New Home Missions (Community Mission for X3 Terran Conflict)
* Egosoft Tweets its Fans (Egosoft is now using Twitter)
* Alex Preuss (concepts)


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