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We wish you an enjoyable and merry Chistmas

23.12.2007 - Other

And again a year has gone since the last christmas. Stress and suspense will pull into its weight a last time and pursuit to their apex. Last presents will be bought and packaged, old gifts are forgotten and lost, the Christmas tree is going to be decorated and everybody and everthing is prepared for the magic moment.

So we wish you all again an merry and pensive Christmas, restful and hopeful not too aggro holidays as soon as much fun and joyousness with the gifts, that these are something special which you can be enjoy.

Your X3-DB Team

And at least a small but nice picture for you. Enjoy it ;-)


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16.12.2007 - Database News

Only few months ago the X3-Database reached the one millionth cue. Now, only five month later we achieved new and unexpected hights.
Today we achieved the 2nd millionth cue. It shows on the one hand your trust into the site and its content and on the other hand how popular X still is.

Let us hope for further years where we can enjoy X-Games and find advices at the X3-Database if we have troubles and questions.

Your X3-Database Team


Midi-Term evaluation of the feedback campaign

14.12.2007 - Database News

After a slow beginning of the campaign we received a quite large amount of forms. Some with serious suggestion and tipps and some with funny comments. At first, thank you for all transmittals.

After a temporarily evaluation we , the X3-DB team, had realized that many of our visitors want to see pictures of ships and stations included . Furthermore, an almost equal amount would like to have the possibility to compare ships/stations directly. Let me tell you that we search the whole time for solutions to conform to your wishes. But including pictures and new options requires extensively restructuring on the source code.
Suggestions which are easier to realize, e.g. establishing new links in the LinkList, are going to be realized soon.

Well, we hope to receive any more feedback forms from you in the future to improve the site and make it more informative and comfortable for you.

Your X3-DB Team


Collecting ideas: multi-player in games like X3

09.12.2007 - X News

There is a survey from Bernd in the english x-universe-forums about the topic:

What multi-player gaming modes would you like to see in a game similar to X3?

More information about that you can find here:


Bonus Package 3.1.07

23.10.2007 - Game News X3 Reunion

Egosoft offers a new Bonus Package with the version 3.1.07 which you can download here. More information about the new functions you can find here


One million pageviews

27.07.2007 - Database News

We started over 1 year ago with a small project containing not more than 5 sites and now we have a gigantic Database through a continouing expansion and improvement process. Also the number of visitors increased from a cupple per day to a high number. We are especially proud that we reached today the 1.000.000 pageviews border. That is a number we didn't thought about when st@ni and martx first time published this fan-project. There are also a lot of people who supported and helped us. Thanks

We also thank You for your trust into our site and we hope also the be able to support and inform X-Fans also in Future.

Have Fun


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