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Feedback-Weeks cloesed for now

25.02.2008 - Database News

After more than 2 month we closed the Feedback-Weeks for the moment to sort all inquiries received and collect your suggestions and criticism.

With the Mid-term evaluation we did a pre-sorting already and what has been indicated there continued in following questionnaires. Here a small entire evaluation:

The most favourite sections beside the universe- and sector maps are the search for abandoned ships and crates as well as the trading database and ship data sheets.
The X3 site design is also very favored and it even helps to navigate through the site.
The most frequent wishes are pictures for ships and stations, the decrease of ads and the possiblity to compare ships and stations against each other.

Well, now we have to sight the questionnaires and than we will see what is realizeable and which things must be displaced to a later time.

For the big participation, all wishes, suggestions and criticism and the error finding we thank you all. Of course you can leave a comment in the guestbook if you have something what could help us to make the site better.

Your X3-DB Team


Sequal of X in progress

03.02.2008 - Game News X3 Terran Conflict

As Egosoft wrote today in an official announcement a new X-Game is in progress at the moment an is planned to be released in 3rd Quarter 2008.

X3: Terran Conflict shall be become the highlight of all X-Games. It shall bring the player, the other X-Races as well as the Terrans together. More comprehensive than all game before it shall especially approach the Terran and Earth's chapter.

Let us wonder what is going to be awaiting us in the future.

Click here for further information.

Your X3-DB Team


The Mission Directo approached finally

15.01.2008 - X News

Already announced in the X-Universe News 26 and made partly available with the latest Patch 2.5, the Mission Director has been offical published. Beside the possibility for external mission creating and editing the MD offers a couple of interesting sample missions. These samples should simplify learning the new programming language and can be used ingame, too. A comprehensive manual should make the beginning easy.

Additional files and programms can be downloaded under following link:

Mission Director Basics and Installation

There you can find download links for the Files and additional programms, you can ask your questions, post suggestions for developers or follow diskussions about new missions.

Have fun with the MD and/or using MD created missions


And again a gone Year finishs in an huge finish

31.12.2007 - Other

Many things happend since 31.12.2006/01.01.2007. New Mods have been released, a vast amount of scripts was thrown into the crowd. Egosoft released new Patches and the indeed bulkiest mod for X was released, too. Beside this events around X everyones normal life moved on. More or less affected by X for somebody.

And also the world outside the X-Universe changed in several ways, All in all we can say that 2007 was an nice year, with usual ups and downs.

Well, we from the X3-Database with you a wonderful and surely in some places very interessting New Year's Eve. Let us see what 2008 imply.

And also today I have a nice picture for you, enjoy it.
Because the X-Races celebrate New Year's Eve , too

Your X3-DB Team


X3-Database Update

30.12.2007 - Database News

With release of the new patches for X3 - Reunion differend changes appeared ingame. This changes are assumed in the Database with the Update from 29.12.2007.

Beside these changes we corrected some errors and irregularities.

Furthermore we wish you much fun with the X3-DB, now with more accurate informations.

Your X3-DB Team


Special christmas surprise

24.12.2007 - X News

A couple of new patches for X3- Reunion and X2- The Threat are available to downloading since shortly. After a long time of waiting after the last Patches and many rumors which were caused by the X-Universe News 25 we have certainness now. A nice handing out of presents.

Within the Patches 1.5 for X2- The Threat and Patch 2.5 for X3-Reunion there is a new function which allows you to save your whole empire and game statistics for uploading the package at Egosofts website. After uploading you can compare your empire, combat results and other stuff in a position table with other players and see where you are.

Please pay attention that ONLY unmodified statistics will be shown in the position table! You are also possible to upload modified statistics but in view of technical causes, possibility of cheating, they will not be shown in the position table.

After early problems, which should be solved, you can download the patches under following links:

X3 - Reunion Patchlist
X2 - The Threat Patchlist

Well, merry christmas once again and have fun with the new patches.


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