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emtpy1 unit

emptyPrimary price (min)

emtpy1.853 Cr

emptyPrimary price (max)

emtpy4.323 Cr

emptySecondary price (min)

emtpy2.316 Cr

emptySecondary price (max)

emtpy3.860 Cr

emptyPrice (average)

emtpy3.088 Cr

"This creature is a small unintelligent space fly that lives in the vast emptiness of deep space. They are the size of a small bird and seem to be made out of delicate shinning gossamer that reacts to light and shimmers and shines in a multitude of colours. The Markus live in vast complex hives hollowed out of asteroids and perform a valuable function by collecting space junk and other debris, which they capture and take back to their asteroids to be used in the construction of their hives. They travel together in great swarms and communicate with a series of musical notes, similar to bird song, that echo inside space. Their beauty, and the beauty of their music, is famed throughout the X Universe and all intelligent space races delight in seeing them. Pilots will stop to watch a swarm fly past. Creatures working on the outside of ships and space stations have claimed that the Markus will fly near them and even perch on them, singing all the while. However throughout space sightings of The Markus Space Fly are becoming very rare. This is manly due to the actions of The Split, who capture and use the small space fly to power their spaceships. Currently the Foundation Guild are pressing for the Markus to be made a protected species and pressure is being put on the Split to change their system of powering their space ship engines. It is believed that, despite a universal ban on their capture or trading, some pirates still hunt and capture this creature in order to sell then to the Split."


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